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WORLD West Takes its Revenge Against Russia

West Takes its Revenge Against Russia

04 04 2018 Wednesday
The News

In an act to show solidarity to the United Kingdom , the United States and 19 other countries have sent back more than 100 Russian diplomats from their countries. This has been done in favour of an allegation made by the United Kingdom against Russia.

behind the news

On March 4, a Russian agent named Sergei and her daughter Yulia was mysteriously poisoned in Salisbury, England. The investigations conducted by the UK revealed that they were killed by the Russian government. Soon, UK removed many Russian diplomats from its country and sent them back to Russia. United States, Canada and eighteen other European Union nations followed the same. Russia in response has also expelled 23 British diplomats from its country. This act by Russia has angered many western countries.

beyond the news

Russia has been going through a bad situation in the country. A mall fire in Serbia made thousands of Russians gather for a protest. During the protest, they also demanded current Russian president Putin to resign from the position of President. And the allegation by the UK has just worsened the scenario for him. However, it is still to be cleared that did really Russian government poisoned Sergei.

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