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WORLD War Against Terror Goes Online in UK

War Against Terror Goes Online in UK

16 04 2018 Monday
The News

For the first time in the history of 'fight against terrorism,' the UK Government has attacked a terrorist organisation through the medium of internet. The government of United Kingdom has launched an online campaign against ISIS. Information on this campaign was disclosed by the director of UK’s intelligence agency in Manchester , by Mr Jeremy Fleming.

behind the news

Mr Jeremy said that they are fighting online with ISIS since the last couple of years as ISIS is still present in the UK. While explaining the benefit of this campaign, he said that as a result of the same, ISIS has found it very difficult to add new people to their organization. He confirmed that online operations have been successful to a great extent and the fight against terrorism will continue. He also raised concern over Russia’s unacceptable behaviour by citing the example of NotPetya attack conducted in Ukraine last year. To equip this online anti terrorism campaign with better resources, Mr Fleming announced that a new base will be opened in Manchester where internet technologcy experts will be recruited by the UK government.

beyond the news

Terrorist organisations have been spreading violence in many parts of the world and are conducting recruitments with the help of internet. Stopping them at the very origin was indeed a good strategy by the United Kingdom. For the same reason, providing EDUCATION to all the children is an urgent need of the world; so that children do not fall prey to the plan of terrorists.

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