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WORLD US-South Korea Annual Military Exercise Takes Off

US-South Korea Annual Military Exercise Takes Off

06 04 2018 Friday
The News

Long-term allies South Korea and the United States began a Joint Military Exercise on 1st April 2018. However this year, the exercise will be not that great as North Korea has shown willingness for creating peace in the region of Korea.

behind the news

South Korea and the United States have been good friends for ages. Their military exercise is an annual routine. This year, more than 300,000 South Korean and 11,500 American troops participated. There have been reports that the duration of this military exercise has been shortened. The exercise usually runs for two months but this time, it will run only for four weeks. Experts believe that the US and South Korea don't want to anger North Korea again as few historic meetings between the involved nations, is all set to take place in the coming month. First one is the rare Inter-Korean Summit between North Korea and South Korea on 27th April. And second meeting will be in May between the USA and North Korea. Read the news "Peace, making its way to Korean peninsula' to understand the situation between all the involved countries.

beyond the news

Joint military exercises between any two nations are often perceived as their preparations against the threat from a common enemy. But since the major threat, in this case, i.e. North Korea is not interested in war, it is a good step by the USA and South Korea to shorten the duration of the military drills. We hope that in the coming future, the concept of military drills does not exist at all. And instead, nations of the world organize and participate in cultural drills.

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