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WORLD US Karma Haunts Venezuelan Generals

US Karma Haunts Venezuelan Generals

11 01 2018 Thursday
The News

Venezuela is all set to go through a nightmare again! Four of its high-level government officials have been sanctioned by the US; for high corruption'>corruption and violation of human rights. Venezuela, on the other hand, has accused the US of interfering in its internal country affairs.

behind the news

Venezuela and United States do not share healthy political ties. The US had already banned Venezuelan President earlier and the current list is just an addition to forty-four existing people who are already banned by the US. As a result of this decision, the assets of all these people will be frozen and they cannot do business with people in the United States. US Foreign minister expressed his anger of this decision by the US and has made it clear that their country will not bow down to the US ever. US government, on the other hand, justified its decision saying that these people are putting their interest above the common people and deserve to be punished. Allegations like food smuggling, bribe taking, promoting violence etc. have been made which according to the US, justifies the sanctions'>sanctions imposed. These sanctions will decrease government's revenue even further which will further result in a decrease in a number of jobs for the common Venezuelan people.

beyond the news

With more US and UN sanctions, North Korea has started to some positive signs like initiating talks with South Korea. It seems that Venezuela will soon follow the suit.

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