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WORLD UNICEF's report reveals figures about illiterate young people

UNICEF's report reveals figures about illiterate young people

07 02 2018 Wednesday
The News

On 31 Jan 2018, UNICEF had reported that 30 % of the people (aged between 15-24 years) who live in countries affected by conflicts and disasters are illiterate. UNICEF ((United Nations International Children's Education Fund) has conducted a study to report such about 59 million young people on the planet. UNICEF, headquartered in New York , United States of America said that providing education to such people in conflict-laden countries is the least funded humanitarian goal.

behind the news

The reports say that one-third of the people in conflict-laden countries can't even read and write. It is even more in some countries like Niger with 76 percent, Chad with 69 percent, South Sudan with 68 percent, and the Central African Republic with 64 percent. Henrietta Fore, the UNICEF Executive Director says that more investment or funds or money are required to educate these people as these are most education-deprived and have near to nil chances of having a better life. This has to be in countries suffering through national conflicts and disasters as the majority of people and government are more involved in fighting the enemy rather than satisfying basic needs like water, house, work, education, etc. The worst part is that approximately 33 percent of girls are not even aware of the basic knowledge. UNICEF has urged the conflict-free nations to provide education to such 32 countries.

beyond the news

On a close observation, it can be seen that conflict-laden 32 countries are mostly poor or under-developing nations. It is beyond our imagination that what will be the future of these countries. However, help from other countries can make a lot of difference!

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