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WORLD Toxic fumes spreading into Russian air

Toxic fumes spreading into Russian air

02 04 2018 Monday
The News

Andrei Vikharev, district-level officer declared Volokolamsk town in Moscow in a situation of emergency. It is because the level of 'Hydrogen Sulphide' has been detected to be 10 times more than the normal levels. The town was put on high alert after 57 kids have been reported to have nausea and headaches since 21st March 2018.

behind the news

The atmosphere of our earth is made of many gases. There are few that are essential for living beings and few that cause harm. And present are some that lead to death. Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) is one of those gas. The odour of H2S is similar to that of rotten eggs. This gas is extremely poisonous. So, with an increased level of H2S in the Russian air, it has increased the risk of the health of people living in the area. But from where did such a huge amount of H2S entered the Russian air? It was from the nearby landfill sites. These are the sites where the waste of the city is dumped. And if not done properly, it leads to a generation of poisonous and toxic gases, like H2S. Pyotr Lazarev, the mayor of the town said that mothers with their infants will be evacuated first followed by children. Schools have been provided with ultraviolet lamps as UV radiations from it breaks the H2S.

beyond the news

A lesson for the cities of the world. Landfill sites should not be ignored and proper management of it should be done. Do try to find that if landfill sites in your city are properly handled and take care of... or not.

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