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WORLD The government of Slovakia Ready With An Answer

The government of Slovakia Ready With An Answer

13 03 2018 Tuesday
The News

The ruling party of Slovakia has agreed to answer the thousands of protestors who have been asking for the Prime Minister and his government to step down on 11th March 2018. The protest in the capital city of Bratislava has been the biggest since the 1989 revolution by believers of Communism.

behind the news

Journalist, Jan Kuciak, and his fiancee, Martina Kusnirova were found shot dead at their home on February 25, this year. According to the police, Kuciak was killed because of the article which he published alleging that some top politicians of the country had connections with the Italian mafia. The protestors have been protesting since then demanding that Prime Minister Robert Fico should resign. Mr Fico as an answer to this had accused foreign powers were organising the protests. He has blamed George Soros, the billionaire investor and philanthropist for supporting the protests. The citizens of the country are tired of the many scandals according to Diana Majdakova, a gallery curator.

beyond the news

Until now there have been no incidents due to the protests. The Prime Minister has said that the citizens to keep peace and not get provoked. Now, it is time to see what kind of solution the government proposes. Will the people of Slovakia agree with the government’s proposal? Or will they continue to protest? Will the Prime Minister step down? These are questions that are going to get answered in the time to come.

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