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WORLD Suu Kyi Accused of Genocide by Fellow Nobel Prize Winners

Suu Kyi Accused of Genocide by Fellow Nobel Prize Winners

10 03 2018 Saturday
The News

After facing opposition from United Nations for her failure to tackle the Rohingya Muslim crisis in her country, Aung San Suu Kyi has now been accused by three Nobel Peace Prize winners, this week. They assembled in a conference'>press conference after visiting the refugee camps of Rohingya Muslims in Dhaka , Bangladesh.

behind the news

Myanmar is going through a phase of political as well as humanitarian crisis after the Rohingya Muslims were attacked by the Myanmar military, last year. They were forcefully sent to Bangladesh and now, they are staying in Refugee Camps. After the violence got over, the Myanmar government agreed with the Bangladeshi government to make a plan to bring them back but the process hasn’t even started yet. Nobel Prize winners Tawakkol Karman of Yemen, Mairead Maguire of Ireland and Shirin Ebadi of Iran assembled at Bangladesh to accuse the Myanmar leader of her failure to tackle the situation. They have demanded that Suu Kyi should bring Rohingyas back safely or get ready for a trial before the International Court of Justice for her failure to protect the Rohingya people. The refugee camps where Rohingyas are living are pathetic with almost no basic amenities.

beyond the news

Suu Kyi has been ignoring the warnings by the international community which has made it clear that military still has a big say (influencing power) in Myanmar’s politics. Hopefully, she will not ignore the warnings by her fellow Nobel Prize winners because it will bring her reputation to a new low. Did you know that if she is held responsible by the International Court for that crisis and for her inaction, she may have to give up her Nobel Prize?

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