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WORLD State of Emergency declared in the Maldives

State of Emergency declared in the Maldives

10 02 2018 Saturday
The News

The Maldives is facing political turmoil as the President has gone against the Supreme Court's ruling to release and reinstall opposition MPs by declaring a state of Emergency in the nation for 15 days.

behind the news

The President of Maldives Abdullah Yameen has ordered to release opposition MPs and also the arrest of former president and chief justice. He requested the citizens to stay calm and justified his act by pointing that the Supreme Court has acted 'hastily' and his actions will prevent a coup or uprising. He said that the court has decided to reverse its ruling and put stay on the release of the nine political prisoners. The 'emergency' has given him immense powers by which he has detained the Chief Justice and one more judge. President's office also claimed that though there will be certain restrictions, no curfew will be imposed. Two former Presidents of Maldives have requested India to intervene and help in releasing the judges and political prisoners. India has previously helped in preventing a coup in Maldives during the 1980s.

beyond the news

A state of emergency is a bad dream for any democratic country because all the basic rights like freedom to express your thoughts and rights against discrimination are suspended. Maldives' situation can improve only with the support of international community. Pressure should be put on the current government to release the judges and people should elect a new government in the next elections.

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