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WORLD Saudi King not happy with the UK

Saudi King not happy with the UK

10 03 2018 Saturday
The News

Mohammed bin Salman, the crown prince of Saudi Arabia arrived in London on 6th March for his 3-day visit. Since the British opposed the close ties between London (England) and Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), this has led to a lot of controversies. The UK opposed because of the poor conditions of human rights in Saudi Arabia.

behind the news

The human rights conditions in Saudi Arabia have been termed as the worst in the whole world. Saudi Arabia has also been known as a hub for human trafficking. Overall, the country has very poor human rights conditions. The British said that the kingdom of Saudi Arabia was responsible for escalating the war in Yemen, which has caused an increasing human rights disaster. However, the supporters of the crown prince have been celebrating the recent changes in the Saudi Arabian laws which have brought in a few liberal changes like, now women can drive cars and sacking corrupted royal family members of Saudi Arabia. There were ads on billboards and newspapers across London which said that Mohamed bin Salman was opening Saudi Arabia to the new world.

beyond the news

Mohammad bin Salman has also been showcasing himself as the millennial reformer. He had stopped in Cairo before coming to London and met the President of Egypt. He intended to show his liberal side in London too. Do you think, this would work in his favour? Or are the British people going to continue with their protests?

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