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WORLD Russia defends Accusations of making nuclear weapons

Russia defends Accusations of making nuclear weapons

08 03 2018 Thursday
The News

Russia has defended itself against the accusations made by the world community saying that the country is not developing Nuclear weapons. A representative of the current Russian Government said (on March 2, 2018) that some weapons developed by Russia were in response to a specific activity of United States.

behind the news

There is a treaty signed by many nations according to which it will be illegal to develop Nuclear Weapons. Russia is also a signatory to it. However, Russian President recently made a statement which said that Russia is developing nuclear weapons and will protect itself and its allies from their enemies through any means possible. Now in its defence, it has said that this development activity is actually a response to United State’s act of leaving 'Intermediate-Range Nuclear Treaty' and it was just preparing itself against a possible US attack in future. He Clarified that Russia won’t take any provocative measure unless it is provoked by someone else.

beyond the news

Russia was caught red-handed developing these dangerous products and it is natural for their government to come out with this explanation. However, Russia is well known for its defence strategies and there is a good possibility that it is just trying to save its reputation through this statement. The world community is pretty much aware of real Russian intentions and won’t be convinced so easily.

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