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WORLD Rare Korean Reunion All Set To Happen

Rare Korean Reunion All Set To Happen

08 03 2018 Thursday
The News

Finally, it seems that leaders of both North and South Korea will meet at end of April 2018 to sort out their issues. This meeting is going to be a landmark event in the political history of both the nations because no such meeting has happened place since last ten years between the countries. The meeting will take place at Panmunjom, a de facto village at borders of South Korea and North Korea .

behind the news

Both North and South Koreas share poor political relations between them. This will be the first meeting where North Korean leader Kim Jong Un will be participating. He has made it clear that he will stop making Nuclear Weapons and no more missile tests for now if the security of his country is guaranteed. US President Donald Trump has said that the meeting is a good news and just like the rest of the world, he is also hoping for the best. Experts believe that North Korea has turned to diplomacy in the past few months after realising that there is no point angering the whole world. There were happy images shared by the South Korean delegation which recently met with North Koran leader to schedule this meeting which has raised hopes even further.

beyond the news

This is pretty unlikely gesture when viewed from North Korean perspective. If this meeting can put some logic in Mr Kim’s mind, it will be a moment of bliss for the whole universe. All eyes will be on South Korea now and hopefully, Mr. Kim will agree to stop his ambitious Nuclear weapon development plans.

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