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WORLD Railway network in France on a vacation!

Railway network in France on a vacation!

06 04 2018 Friday
The News

French President Emmanuel Macron is in a bad state as nearly all the trains are at a halt. Reason being a protest by railway workers. They have stopped the whole railway network of the country.

behind the news

French Railway since many years is in the loss. It has more debt than earnings. Following this, a recent decision was made to improve it. The decision is to replace the older ways and policies related to the functioning of the French railway network. This includes removing benefits of workers like 'job for life,' early retirement, allowing private companies to handle important work and activities of the railway network, and much more. All these changes ultimately, as per railway workers, will degrade the life of theirs. Protestors have made it clear that their protest will continue for next three months. The French government, on the other hand, has made it clear that they didn’t have much choice. It is very important right now to reform the railway network.

beyond the news

President Emmanuel Macron is trying to bring reforms in many areas. Like in education, municipal work, etc. He was last year selected only on the basis of his reformist agenda. However, it seems people are not happy with his ways and decisions. Nevertheless, it is important to notice that changes that Macron wants to see are nearly the same that other EU nations followed. And they are far better than France.

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