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WORLD Peace, making its way into Korean Peninsula

Peace, making its way into Korean Peninsula

04 04 2018 Wednesday
The News

After a war-like situation in the Korean Peninsula since many decades, finally, the glimpses of peace are been seen. Rival nations North Korea and South Korea have finally agreed to the third Inter-Korean Summit. The aim is to let go the rival past and welcome friendly relations.

behind the news

It was in 1950 when a Korean War was fought between North Korea and South Korea. Since then, there have been many conflicts and battles between them. However, things started to improve when first rare Inter-Korean Summit was held between the then president's of both the nations. Relations improved with both participating in respective cultural festivals, allowing business people to trade across the Korean boundary, and more importantly a willingness for a 'Korean Unification' sometime in future. Following the same, current South Korea president pledged to do all those things required to unite both the nations. Efforts were made with the first success achieved during Winter Olympic (held last Feb in S. Korea). After almost 10 years, North Korea had participated in any event that took place in S. Korea. And now, the third rare Inter-Korean Summit.A nice initiative, however, there are many hidden interests of China and USA. Both want to play a major role in shaping the future of the Korean Peninsula. It is so because, since the Korean war, USA has backed South Korea and China have been a best friend of North Korea.

beyond the news

Something similar to Korean Unification was seen in the case of East and West Germany. They were finally united. Well, after unification, Germany went through a cultural and traditional kind of conflict between common people. There was near to nil acceptance among common people for another side. However, with the coming generations, youth let go the issues, differences and chose brotherhood instead. For Korean Unification too, Korean youth are going to play a major role. And unlike Germany's cases, at least culture and traditions are nearly the same.

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