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WORLD New Constitution for Chile

New Constitution for Chile

09 03 2018 Friday
The News

President Michelle Bachelet has proposed to change the Constitution of Chile and bring in changes to the laws as drafted by the Chilean dictator Gen. Augusto Pinoche between 1973-1990. She announced on 5th March that she would send the proposal to Congress legislation for the said replacement with few new laws.

behind the news

Veronica Michelle Bachelet Jeria has been the President of Chile since March 2014. She was the President before that also from 2006 to 2010, when she had become the first woman president of Chile. One of the major changes that she wants to bring in is the guarantee of equal work pay for the men and women. Another change is the "right to strike" for workers. Her proposal follows more rights for the people and efforts to be in pace with social and cultural change going on in the world. Her announcement could force the incoming president Sebastian Pinera to accept the proposed changes by President Bachelet. He has said that he was open to perfecting the constitution if there was political unity. Did you know that the constitution of Chile dates from 1973 – 1990 when it was first formed under the military dictator Augusto Pinochet? Their constitution had been somewhat altered after Chile became a democratic country. However, President Bachelet and others have said that the constitution needs to be redesigned right from the scratch.

beyond the news

An important point to note is the 'right to strike' which was actually proposed by a dictator Gen. Augusto Pinto. Normally, dictators try to suppress the rights of citizens. However, dictator Gen. Augusto Pinoche ideologies seem to be different.

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