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WORLD Mr. Xi gears up for boosting business with the world

Mr. Xi gears up for boosting business with the world

16 04 2018 Monday
The News

After securing a lifetime position as the President of China , now the Chinese President Xi Jinping has seriously got back to work. While addressing 'Boao Forum for Asia,' he shared his huge and ambitious plans to expand the Chinese Economy.

behind the news

The government of China under Mr. Xi, had recently made a change in its party constitution. This change allowed the Chinese President to continue his term indefinitely (for a lifetime). Mr. Xi stressed about the China of his dreams during his speech at the Boao Forum for Asia. He praised the proposals made by Boao Forum and told its members that how these proposals would help to lift the economy'>economy of not just China but the whole of Asia to a new level. He also highlighted how China’s economic growth has increased in the last forty years and how Chinese people have been able to make good lives for themselves. He further expressed his good intentions of making Foreign Trade easier, increasing eco-tourism and protecting the earth's natural environment and improving quality education for all, etc.

beyond the news

The Chinese President Xi Jinping has always been very ambitious of his approach towards economic goals. Unlike previous Chinese leaders, he knows how to balance the needs of common people and foreign investors and businesses. Maybe developing countries should learn from the Chinese way of doing business and handling the economy of the country.

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