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WORLD Last Hope of the Rohingyas is UN

Last Hope of the Rohingyas is UN

10 02 2018 Saturday
The News

United Nations Security Council will be holding a meeting on 13th Feb 2018 to discuss the plight of Rohingya Muslims. This meeting is a direct result of the request made by Britain, United States, France , and five other countries.

behind the news

Rohingya Muslims is a community of people from Myanmar who were removed from their country by the Myanmar military last year in the month of August. The leaders of Myanmar were criticized for their failure to control the issue and therefore all the hopes of Rohingyas coming back to their homeland again can only be guaranteed by United Nations. As a result of that unfortunate scenario, Britain, United States, France, and five other countries have approached UN to decide the fate of these people, most of whom are currently in Bangladesh. UN had already instructed the Myanmar government to bring back the Rohingyas. But China and Russia are against the resolution moved in the UN General Assembly, because they believe that it is against the interest of Myanmar government with which they share strong relations.

beyond the news

If a proper solution is not reached at, the Rohingya community will face a dark future later on. All eyes are on the United Nations now because it is the only organization that can help the Rohingyas and change the current unjust situation which could lead to another rise of terror in the world.

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