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WORLD Korean University Boycotted over the making of Killer Robots

Korean University Boycotted over the making of Killer Robots

09 04 2018 Monday
The News

More than 50 leading researchers and scientists in the field of 'artificial intelligence and robotics' across the world has boycotted KAIST University in South Korea. The boycott was led by Professor Toby Walsh from the University of New South Wales , Australia. The sole reason for the boycott is KAIST’s latest project on the development of "KILLER" AI robots.

behind the news

Artificial intelligence is quickly taking over various areas of our life. From making things to assisting humans, AI in near future will become central to our lives. However, if made for bad purposes, it can affect many. Something bad purpose was that of KAIST. In Feb 2018, they had announced to develop killer AI robots and autonomous weapons. Did you know that the AI-powered weapons have an ability to destroy things without humans actually controlling it? So, researchers from some of the top universities have boycotted KAIST University. Some of the most notable scientists supporting the boycott are Geoffrey Hinton, Yoshua Bengio, and Jurgen Schmidhuber. The boycott will stop all the existing as well as future academic collaboration with KAIST University. Top 50 scientists have demanded from KAIST an assurance that weapons should have some meaningful human control.

beyond the news

Human control is extremely important in AI & robotics especially when it is for the use of defence. We cannot lose control over the things that cannot think emotionally. The dangerous effects of AI without human control are still unimaginable. Realizing this, as of April 9, KAIST has agreed to stop the program and so, 50 leading researchers in the world has put to halt their boycott.

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