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WORLD Is this End of the Road for South African President?

Is this End of the Road for South African President?

10 02 2018 Saturday
The News

Top members of the ruling South Africa n government are thinking of removing Jacob Zuma as South Africa's President. A news report published by the British Broadcasting Corporation did an analysis of Mr. Zuma's tenure as a President to find out what actually went wrong during his rule.

behind the news

Mr. Zuma has been the President of South Africa for a long time after the movement launched by Nelsen Mandela achieved its goal- of ending racial discrimination in South Africa. But ever since Zuma has been appointed, he has been accused of corruption which has caused a lot of loss to the South African economy'>economy. As per the report, his rise started with his joining the movement with Nelsen Mandela and later he also became a very important member of the political party formed by Mandela. He was also deputy president of South Africa for six years during which period, he was accused of corruption. However, in the year 2009, the charges against him were dropped which made his way to become the President of South Africa. In the year 2016, he was found guilty of using people's money to make his personal house. This news cost him a loss of reputation and popularity. It became worse for him in the year 2017 when he was accused of corruption in 18 more cases and now…he is all set to lose his Presidential seat.

beyond the news

A report was recently published by the United Nations saying that most of Africa's money has been illegally transferred to other countries. This news report also focuses on corruption in South Africa. It is becoming clear that high levels of corruption in the whole continent has caused poverty and hunger in many of the African countries. Hopefully, the people responsible for these wrong acts will be punished and stability can be achieved in Africa.

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