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WORLD India and UK Agree to Promote Skill Development

India and UK Agree to Promote Skill Development

13 02 2018 Tuesday
The News

The Government of India has approved a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the UK to support skill development, vocational education, and training. This agreement was signed between the countries on 8th Feb 2018, at New Delhi , India.

behind the news

In 2016, PMs of both the nations supported 'Skill Development and Entrepreneurship' as one of the key areas for collaboration. The recent decision of approving the MoU might be a direct result of it. It was granted after a meeting held by the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi with UK government officials. The Indian government believes that this MoU will help in creating better cooperation in the field of skill development and also improve the prospects of employment for the youth in India. Further, it will also improve quality of skill training efforts in India. Focus on skill development has been national priorities for both India and UK. It has also been an essential element of earlier agreements signed between these two nations.

beyond the news

India and UK have previously signed many MoUs on cultural exchange, better transportation, peaceful nuclear energy, etc. What is important, however, is that these agreements are converted into action and implemented in reality so that, the youth of India can actually benefit.

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