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WORLD How will bad Social Media behaviour not let you have US Visa?

How will bad Social Media behaviour not let you have US Visa?

05 04 2018 Thursday
The News

If you are mischevious and bad on social media, you might be denied US Visa. This can be concluded as the new rule made by United State of America 's Visa department. It will be in effect from 25th May 2018. The department has said it very clear that that the applicants may be asked to give details about their social media accounts that include Twitter'>Twitter and Facebook.

behind the news

As a normal step for having US Visa, a complete profile of yours is created. One is required to fill a form called DS-160 in which, there are many things to be clearly stated or answered. It asks about your true personal information, background, education, etc. More importantly, this particular form seeks your good behaviour throughout your life till date. And now, you will be required to provide details on social media accounts too. Apart from this, one will also be required to provide prior passport numbers, about family members, past travel details, earlier addresses and so on. The prime motive of the department for taking such information is to stop the entry of terrorists in the USA and thus, safeguarding the US citizens. So, if something fishy has been found on your social media accounts, you might lose an opportunity to have US Visa. So now, it will also matter on social media to be surrounded by good people; in a way, our parents tell us to refrain from bad friends.

beyond the news

We being individuals do ever allow any person to enter our house whom we don't know well. Similarly, it is the responsibility of the country to care that bad and criminal person does not find its way into the country. Getting more details just adds to the strong process of having good people in the country.

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