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WORLD French lawmakers sleep with homeless people

French lawmakers sleep with homeless people

08 03 2018 Thursday
The News

Politicians in France have done something that has taken everyone by surprise. Fifty members of the French parliament spent a freezing night at streets of Paris with homeless people. The aim of the leaders of the ruling government was to understand their plight in order to find a permanent solution for them.

behind the news

In many parts of the city of Paris, the problem of poverty and unemployment exists because of which many people are unable to afford homes for themselves. In the end, they have to sleep on streets. To get their voices heard, a mayor of Etampas Commune instructed the lawmakers to sleep with he homemakers to understand the gravity of the situation. The mayor called the situation an inhuman one and said that there is an urgent need to put an end to this suffering permanently. For now, around 6000 homeless people have been provided temporary accommodation but a request has been made to find a permanent situation. France is also facing a worse winter season with a temperature falling to minus-two degree Celsius making things even worse for the homeless people.

beyond the news

Last September, it was declared by French President Emmanuel Macron that "no man must remain on the streets or in the woods before the end of the year". Hopefully, this night will yield positive results for the people and put an end to the misery of these poor people. The lawmakers are now in a better position to find a solution because they know what problems are being faced by homeless people.

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