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WORLD French President Macron Woos Chinese Leader with an elite horse

French President Macron Woos Chinese Leader with an elite horse

10 01 2018 Wednesday
The News

Emmanuel Macron, the President of France, went out of his way to impress Chinese President Xi Jinping with his visit to China . Mr Macron offered a horse of the elite French Republican Guard to Mr Jinping on 8 Jan which was the first day of the visit. Mr Macron is on a three-day tour of China and is hoping to boost the relations with this Asian superpower.

behind the news

Emmanuel Macron picked up a brown male horse named Vesuvius, which is just 8–year– old. The horse was picked from the presidential cavalry corps. The horse had to go through all forms of tests before it was allowed to be offered to President Xi Jinping. The horse was gifted to President Jinping because once, during his Paris visit in 2014, as he was very much fascinated with the 104 horsemen who escorted him. This is the first time when any French President has gifted one of its elite cavalry horses. It is interesting to know that Mr Macron's wife, Brigitte became the godmother of a Chinese Panda lent by Beijing to a zoo in France, near Paris. This gift to Chinese leader is one of another instance by Macron. Earlier, he had impressed Russian President Vladimir Putin in May when he met Mr Putin at an eye-dropping palace in France built by Louis XIV in Versailles. He had also invited US President Trump to watch a military parade on Bastille Day in Paris to celebrate the 100th day of the U.S entering into World War One.

beyond the news

With such a friendly meet and gift for the Chinese leader, Macron intends to get China to allow French companies to access the Chinese markets.

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