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WORLD Drama In US Senate over Budget takes a new turn

Drama In US Senate over Budget takes a new turn

13 02 2018 Tuesday
The News

The government of United States of America 's proposal to increase spending in defence and the domestic sector may face difficulties again. Because of this, there is a possibility of another US government shut down.

behind the news

Current US government is planning to increase its spending on defence sector by billions of dollars. A huge amount of money is planned to be spent on the health sector that intends to provide health insurance to children. However, many people and political leaders in the US are unhappy with the proposal. They believe that the government is already in heavy debt and increasing the spending to such a big level will create more debt... into trillions of dollars. Now, the government has only a few days left to pass the bill'>bill, otherwise, US will face another shutdown. Many experts believe that the high amount of debt can stop investors from investing in the US which can hurt the economy'>economy in a longer run. Would you want to do business with a person or country that owes a lot of money to others?

beyond the news

The US government should come up with a solution to this situation as soon as possible. Otherwise, in case of a shutdown, they will have to put all the government employees on unpaid leaves which can affect their daily lives. Do you think situations like shutdown brings down the reputation of any government?

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