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WORLD Chinese Warships around Japanese Islands

Chinese Warships around Japanese Islands

12 01 2018 Friday
The News

A Chinese warship sailed near the disputed islands controlled by Japan, in the East China Sea . A foreign submarine was also seen near the islands on 10-11 Jan 2018, but its nationality is unknown.

behind the news

Both China and Japan have been claiming control of these islands, and currently Japan has more control over these islands. Japanese authorities have said that none of the vessels entered the Japanese territory. There are many disputes between China, Japan, and South Korea over the extent of their respective exclusive economic zones in the East China Sea. This is because the countries are interpreting the United Nations Convention on Law of the Sea, differently. These islands are known as the Senkaku islands and are uninhabited. China also claims control of these islands but calls them Diaoyu islands. There have been frequent conflicts between China and Japan regarding these islands. The location of these islands is the real reason why the countries want to have control of them. The islands are close to some of the most important shipping lanes, rich fishing grounds, and are also near potential oil and gas reserves. China keeps sending coastguard vessels near these islands time and again.

beyond the news

If the unidentified submarine is indeed Chinese, then it means that China is now becoming more assertive about its claims. Japan has called a meeting with the Chinese ambassador in Tokyo to discuss this issue. Will the tension between the two countries increase or will they sort things out? Stay tuned to know more.

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