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WORLD China sparks already tensed Indo-Pak Relations

China sparks already tensed Indo-Pak Relations

10 01 2018 Wednesday
The News

As per experts, the situation couldn't have gone worse if China has not interfered. After Pakistan had openly accused Indian Prime Minister, China has come out in Pakistan's support by accusing India of the recent sanctions'>sanctions imposed by the US on Pakistan.

behind the news

Both China and Pakistan do not share healthy political ties with India. Recently, the United States of America under Trump's administration issued an order which stopped providing any kind of financial aid to Pakistan, until it stops supporting terrorism within its boundaries. China has now accused Indian government of these sanctions against Pakistan by saying that India's foreign policy is flawed and is meant for achieving their personal gains. China also suggested that Pakistan should start doing trade with China rather than the United States for its own betterment.

beyond the news

Recently, Pakistan had decided to replace US Dollars with Chinese currency for inter-trade purposes. With the above remarks, China has not only brought Pakistan closer to her but also sparked the already tensed relations between India and Pakistan.

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