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WORLD China eyes Nuclear Modernisation of Aircrafts

China eyes Nuclear Modernisation of Aircrafts

08 03 2018 Thursday
The News

To fulfil his promise of making China a world leader by the year 2050, President Xi Jinping has started taking his measures. As per a news report published by the official newspaper in Beijing , the country is developing aeroplanes which are powered by nuclear energy.

behind the news

Chinese President has expressed his government’s plans to spend heavily on defence, last year in the month of October. To make sure that China is on the top by the year 2050, these aircraft have been built. More work is still underway and there are many developments which have been kept secret by China. One of the Naval experts from China said, "...China can build aircraft carriers powered by either diesel, gas or nuclear power. The country has mastered all the fundamental core technologies, including ski-jump and catapult-assisted launch technologies." He added, "Without a fleet of large nuclear-powered vessels, the Chinese navy cannot sail for a long time to faraway waters."

beyond the news

Surely this is just the beginning of the Great Chinese military movement. It has always considered the United States as its rival and therefore has been making efforts to overtake the US. Above all, if seen from another perspective it also paves a foundation for less polluting aircraft, ships, etc. But at the end, its right use for better humanity or for wars needs to be decided by countries of the world.

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