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WORLD China Boosts Its Military Power

China Boosts Its Military Power

08 01 2018 Monday
The News

Nowadays, it seems that President of China , Mr Xi Jinping has a defence in his mind. During the inspection of military troops in Central Theatre Command, he announced the formation of an elite combat force to combat the war threats as well on the digital front too.

behind the news

The Chinese government has always been striving to keep Chinese army most big and strongest in the world. Mr Xi Jinping is the head of Central Military Commission (CMC) and responsible for handling the Chinese army called People's Liberation Army. The fleet count is around 2.3 million. The above announcement was made by Mr Xi in front of seven thousand soldiers. Experts observed that the Chairman of CMC directly addressing the PLA is a rare event in Chinese defence history. It shows that China is seriously considering improving its battle readiness. Did you know that Chinese Government spends one-third of the budget'>budget on defence?

beyond the news

It's not a very surprising move from China given they are aspiring to surpass the United States in all sectors including defence. China has boundary disputes with almost every country it shares its boundary with, including India and Japan. This additional elite group of soldiers will boost the confidence of existing soldiers also.

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