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WORLD Can Russia-China Resolve Korean Dispute?

Can Russia-China Resolve Korean Dispute?

11 01 2018 Thursday
The News

It seems that Korean Peninsula dispute may become history one day as the leaders of Russia and China have agreed to resolve the Korean Peninsula dispute between North Korea and South Korea. Both announced to make efforts on 10 Jan 2018.

behind the news

The issue of Korean Peninsula refers to the division of Korean continent between North Korea and South Korea. North Korea was formed due to support of Russia and China while South Korea was formed with the support of United States after the Second World War On Wednesday, Foreign Minister of Russia met with the Chinese ambassador in Russia to discuss the dispute. An agreement was reached and according to it, both the parties will make joint efforts to find a peaceful solution to this problem. In another move, the military communication between North and South Korea has been restored. This has come after South Korea agreed on the participation of North Korea in coming Winter Olympics to be held in Seoul, South Korea. Also, from North Korea's side, the communication hotline between both has been restored, which was closed down in 2016.

beyond the news

This meeting will have a big significance from an international perspective. Since last few months, you may have read much news on SANCTIONS on North Korea. And now as N. Korea has begun to restore relations with S. Korea, other nations are also supporting both to resolve issues. It seems that very soon, all the North Korea-related news will be featured in our Good News section.

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