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WORLD April – The Second Chance Month for bad people in the USA

April – The Second Chance Month for bad people in the USA

05 04 2018 Thursday
The News

In very rare cases, life gives second chance to improve. In the USA, now it is a rule. US President Donald Trump has finally declared the month of April as a ‘second chance month.’ In an extraordinary move, he has taken a good decision for the people having criminal records in the United States of America .

behind the news

There are many people who fall prey to undesired conditions of life. They end up with doing crimes. However, there are many criminals who just wait their whole life for a second chance to live a good life with good behaviour again. And it rarely happens to someone. It seems that US President Trump has tried to solve such. On realising the need and importance of providing opportunities to the people who have criminal records, he has offered a second chance. This will help to live an honest life again. Criminals will be provided job training, coaching to have a good career and life, and the treatment of mental health issues.

beyond the news

Some time ago, the US President Trump had previously called criminals and gang members “animals”. At that time, he praised the law getting tough on criminals. And now this new rule is something out of the blues. Things are yet to be cleared out on this point.

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