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WORLD Activists blame Singapore growing at the cost of human rights

Activists blame Singapore growing at the cost of human rights

16 04 2018 Monday
The News

Activist Han Hui of Singapore is only 26 years old. And this young age only has dared to speak of actual real-life people's situation in Singapore. She said that although Singapore is becoming wealthy day-by-day, however, such a wealth is coming at the cost of the human rights of the citizens of Singapore.

behind the news

In the month of March 2018, activist Han Hui Hui attended a Freedom Festival in Spain. There, in an interview, she mentioned how the government of Singapore is crushing the Human Rights by its strict laws and rules. She said that government in Singapore doesn't spend even a single money in providing Public Housing and healthcare to people. Did you know that Singapore is the only country in this world to do so? Secondly, the government forcibly enforces big Insurance Scheme on people that are out of their affordability. The collection of government surpasses the amount paid in claims. Last but not the least, 30 to 40 percent of the salary has to be set aside as part of the retirement plan. The most important point she shared with the world is that Singaporean government doesn't allow people to protest. She said, "n Singapore before you can protest, you have to tell the government you are going to protest. On their protest website, they have three options. You have to either give a speech, or you’re holding a protest, or you’re singing, which is performance. You can only click one of the options. I always click speech; all of us click speech. But, if you click speech, you will be charged for demonstration." Han Hui Hui till date has been fined with 3100 dollars.

beyond the news

Often countries advertise themselves only in the positive way. Activists and journalists are people who often raise voice on what's going on wrong in the country. However, many countries try to oppress them. They often raise issues which are important for the country people.

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