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WORLD 11 Arab Princes Arrested

11 Arab Princes Arrested

10 01 2018 Wednesday
The News

Eleven members of the Saudi Arabia n royal family and about a dozen officials have been arrested after they protested against the non-payment of their utility bills. They staged the protest at the historic Qasr Al-Hokm palace on last Thursday. They were protesting the recent Royal Order which stops paying water and electricity bills of the members of the royal family.

behind the news

The Saudi Arabian government is forming a new anti-corruption'>corruption commission. This commission will be headed by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. It is a result of this commission that things have become stricter. The Attorney General of the country said that the arrested people have been charged on a number of different counts. They were informed prior to the arrest that their demands were not lawful. Despite that, they did not leave the palace. He further said that nobody is above the law no matter what status or position that they hold. UAE and Saudi Arabia also recently decided to impose Value Added Tax for the benefit of its economy'>economy.

beyond the news

Did you know that princes were asking for compensation for their cousin who was executed in 2016 for murdering a man? It is a good thing that the laws have become stricter even for the members of the royal family. Let us just hope that the corrupt people learn their lessons and mend their ways.

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