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TRENDING Zayn Malik's 'Morning Zoem' is viral on Instagram

Zayn Malik's 'Morning Zoem' is viral on Instagram

05 02 2018 Monday
The News

Zayn Malik hailing from England posted a poem on his Instagram captioned as 'Morning Zoem' on 29 January 2018. The poem is quite mysterious in terms of terminology and rhymes made. It is so making his followers confused. Let's see the remarks.

behind the news

Zayn Malik, an English singer and songwriter were seen with a green lightsaber while coming out of the recording studio. No-one had the slightest idea that Zayn will be seen with the lightsaber in a picture to be posted on Instagram on Monday. This new Zayn's poem has flowers, wedding and petals to create a mockery of current lifestyle and practises. It also mentions the use of iPhones, messages and people not talking much. In addition, it mentions about the artificial world where people pretend to have a lot of fun in life, but actually, it's not so. People are taking it as a hint of a new album or calling it as a 'zasterpiece'. Fans are even calling him the new Shakepeare.

beyond the news

By writing, many writers express goodness, critics, thoughts, anger, happiness, etc. etc. It is one form to express feeling about any subject. Zayn too is trying to to make people understand the over-usage of digital devices and its adverse impact on our life.

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