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TRENDING When a normal flight became a private jet

When a normal flight became a private jet

11 01 2018 Thursday
The News

A Reddit user by the profile name shadybaby22 shared her experience in a flight. She travelled from New York to Washington D.C with her only being the flight passenger on board.

behind the news

How many of you have taken a flight for travelling? Those who have flown in an aeroplane know the issues about long halts, overcrowded cabins, fighting for leg room and fighting for the armrest. Frustrated with all these issues, have you ever thought of travelling all alone? You could in your own private jet. But, how about a normal flight? Even if you have thought of it, how many of you got the dream true? A Reddit user got the dream true. She was travelling from New York to Washington D.C. when her flight was cancelled. She went home and before she came back to board the other flight, rest of the passengers were sent on another flight. She luckily got into a flight which was to carry only crew members. Let's hear in her own words that how goof-up happened: "I got a whole plane to myself when I was accidentally booked on a flight just meant for moving crew," she wrote. "When my flight was cancelled about 8 hours earlier a confused agent gave me and half the passengers a seat on the plane in the pic before another agent realized everyone could go on an earlier flight. They made an announcement on the speaker but I'd already left to go back to my parent's house nearby to wait for the next few hours. I was never contacted about the flight change.".

beyond the news

It very rarely happens when dreams come true so unimaginably that is unbelievable! One Reddit user congratulated her. Other informed that he too experienced the same. These are wonderful experiences yet come with luck only. Sometimes, luck offer an amazing experience so always believe in Good Luck!

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