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TRENDING Read this if planning for a solo travel

Read this if planning for a solo travel

07 03 2018 Wednesday
The News

Ciara Johnson, a travel blogger belonging to Texas , United States of America recently shared tips for travelling alone, especially for female travellers. She tweeted her advice how to say on 2 March 2018 on Twitter'>Twitter which is going viral. Although, there are many tips but some mind-opening tips and measures are worthy to be trending.

behind the news

Travelling is great and famous philosopher Saint Augustine says, "The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.". Travelling gives loads of experiences in terms of behavior, culture norms, dressing sense, scams, language and so much more. To gain this experience, you need to travel a lot, however, travelling alone can sometimes invite undesired situations. Ciara believes that one should stay extremely alert of her surroundings such as listening to footsteps sound, keeping an eye if someone is walking fast or a vehicle has slowed down near her. She makes sure to inform someone in her family or friends about where she is and never follow a practise of not updating her travel plan. She suggests to not carry all the cash and cards and divide it in various purse and suitcase. So that in case, one of the collection is stolen, one still has other cash and card with her. Most important, she does a lot of research before going anywhere and doesn't book a place without review. Know more tips and safety measures at

beyond the news

Safety during travelling alone is not only for travelers but more for women who stay alone. Nevertheless,it is also important for males too to be safe while traveling alone. One actually has to be extremely careful.

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