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TRENDING Has Mr Trump Gone Mad?

Has Mr Trump Gone Mad?

10 01 2018 Wednesday
The News

President of United States of America Donald Trump has once again created a buzz with his tweets. He started off the year by calling his nuclear button bigger than that of North Korea. Now on January 6, he informed the world that he was one of the smartest people in the world. He has called himself a stable genius too, and people can't stop laughing.

behind the news

Trump has always been in the news for the weird things that he says and tweets. Not so long back he tweeted a word called 'Covefefe' and it became a meme all over the world. He was recently reacting to a book called 'Fire and Fure: Inside the Trump White House', written by Michael Wolff. The book has made some shocking revelations regarding Trump's mental stability. Trump has gone off to call everyone crooked and involved in colluding against him. He has called the media fake. He said that he was a successful businessman who is now the President of the United States of America on his first try. This according to him means that he is s real genius.

beyond the news

Things have taken a funny turn on the internet. People are making jokes and memes on the tweets posted by Mr Trump. There are a bunch of jokes and some of them are really funny. You should totally check those out for a good laugh. This being said, Mr Trump has a very bold personality and often makes statements that put him in trouble for all bad reasons.

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