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TRENDING Dry Sahara Desert witnessed a WHITE SNOW for a day

Dry Sahara Desert witnessed a WHITE SNOW for a day

12 01 2018 Friday
The News

January 2018 brought unusual experiences for people of Ain Sefra , Algeria. It is because due to the extreme buildup of the air in Sahara Desert, the pattern of temperatures flipped. As a result of this flip snowfall occurred in a desert. Yes! In a desert of Sahara- hottest desert in the world.

behind the news

I am sure you've seen desert dunes in pictures or on television. They are orange in color. However, the sand dunes of Sahara Desert were for a day covered with patches of white snow. The snow was up to 40 cm or 15 inches deep. Hamouda Ben Jerad hails from Ain Sefra, a professional photographer shared few images of sand dunes covered with snow on his Facebook page. This is not the first time that snowfall occurred in this region. Prior to this, snowfall was reported on 21 January 2017 by a French news agency. It is the third time snow is recorded in near past as it happened in January 2012 as well. However, before 2012, it only happened in February 1979. The pictures were taken by locals as well as by NASA from the space.

beyond the news

Snowfall in Sahara Desert is the result of Climate Change. It is not the only one happening. Areas of northern Mexico experienced low temperatures resulting in snow. Although it sounds amazing phenomenon, it is the case of extreme weather changes due to Climate Change. One of its effects is the extreme floods and hot temperatures; which does not sounds amazing!

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