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TRENDING Cellograffiti Dinosaur found in the Forest!!

Cellograffiti Dinosaur found in the Forest!!

06 01 2018 Saturday
The News

Evgeny Ches, a native artist from Moscow , Russia is known for making “cellograffiti” animals. He makes paintings of animals on clear plastic cellophane paper wrapped around two trees, in the forests of Russia. His paintings look so real that, hikers are getting frightened on seeing a cellograffiti dinosaur in the middle of the forest!

behind the news

Ches uses unique plastic canvases to bring his own urban art style into nature. “The contrast seems very interesting to me when street art moves to the natural environment,” Ches mentions in a video documenting the process. There were questions raised about the use of plastic causing pollution. However, Ches said that he removes everything once the project is complete, and not leaving any plastic behind. His pictures have gone viral on social media websites. He has gotten over 8000 followers on Facebook alone.

beyond the news

Well, want to learn cellograffitti then, check out his videos and ask him on Facebook. So, how will you frighten your friends; maybe with cellograffitti chameleons on his/her table?

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