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TRENDING A 7-year old has questions post SOTU

A 7-year old has questions post SOTU

07 02 2018 Wednesday
The News

Donald Trump, the president of United State of America on 30th January 2018 gave his first speech to "The State of the Union (SOTU)". And although his speech did not receive so much of serious attention, this 7-year-old girl's innocent yet some thought-provoking questions to her journalist dad did receive a trending attention on the internet.

behind the news

Apart from the citizens, journalists, and others… this 7-year-old girl was very eager to listen to President's Speech. A seven-year-old girl was awake to listen the 1.20 hours long. While her father Greg Bluestein - who runs Atlanta's news website AJC was more eager to prepare key takeaways for his next article - her daughter was there to test "My Father Knows Everything". She asked why Trump married to a woman younger than his age or was it her make-up that made her look younger. She went further to ask that why after every pause everyone is clapping; and why some standing and some sitting in a hall. Her father might have got blown when she asked that that who is Apple and why they need workers? The question that is lol-ing everyone on the internet is, "The Vice President barely does anything. He's just smiling. They're just clapping after everything he says. You said this would be fun. I don't know what he's talking about."

beyond the news

While questions in her mind were born out of being intrigued and are hilarious for an adult, her observation on claps of Vice President is not so.

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