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SPORTS Usain Bolt's 15-year-old Indian Connection

Usain Bolt's 15-year-old Indian Connection

10 01 2018 Wednesday
The News

Nisar Ahmed, a New Delhi based 15-year-old boy has found his way to one of the most prestigious sprint academies in the world. He will be trained at Racers Track Club located at Kingston in Jamaica, West Indies which is run by the recently retired legendary'>legendary athlete Usain Bolt.

behind the news

Nisar is the son of a rickshaw-puller in New Delhi, the capital city of India. He comes from a very poor family background and hardly had any money to get trained. But due to his continued success at school and junior level athletic performances like at the Delhi State Athletics meet, he broke the national U-16 records and also is Delhi's fastest: 100m in 11s; he has been selected among the 14 budding athletes. He was interviewed by a newspaper to which he told that he still couldn't believe that he has been selected and thanked the Sports Minister of India- who had agreed to support him. He also said that he will perform his best there and the aim is to bring a gold medal to India in Olympics. His coach was also interviewed who said that Nisar was extremely talented and his recent performances are a direct result of his continuous hard work. There is a saying that fortune favours the brave. Nisar is a living example of that. He could have a complaint about his poor family background but instead, he decided to pursue his passion and chase his dreams.

beyond the news

Nisar's story will inspire many similar teenagers in poverty-ridden India where thousands of players are waiting for such opportunities. We wish Nisar all the best and hope that just like Bolt, he will also make his country proud one day.

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