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SPORTS Ulsan Horang-i Lifts Asian Championship League

Ulsan Horang-i Lifts Asian Championship League

The News

South Korea's football Club Ulsan Horang-i as the finals of the Asian champions league lift the trophy. The football club defeated Iranís Persepolis by 2-1 in the final match of the event.

behind the news

Asian championship football championship wherein top football clubs from all the Asian region come together to participate. Both the goals were scored by Brazilian striker Jr. Negrao while the only goal for Persepolis was scored by Mehdi Abdi. Until the half-time, the score was 11 but the most defining moment of the event was the rebound goal that was scored by junior in the final moments before the break. He was earlier unable to score a penalty but made up for the loss. With this victory, South Korea recorded its 12th title which is even more than Japan. Iran still looking for its title since it won the championship in year 1993.

beyond the news

It's a good way for the Asian countries to prepare for the climatic conditions in Qatar, where the next football World Cup is going to take place. The tournament was also marred by coronavirus and therefore people felt that this might not even continue. However the match happened without the viewers and finally we have a winner.