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SPORTS The United States won the SheBelieves Cup

The United States won the SheBelieves Cup

09 03 2018 Friday
The News

The finale of the invitational trophy 'SheBelieves Cup' took place on the 8th of March 2018 in Orlando . It was an interesting match and an unexpected victory for the United States of America. It is said so because of the opponent team's Karen Bardsley's mistake.

behind the news

Shebelieves Cup is a football tournament for women. It started in the year 2016 with four teams: United States of America, England, France and Germany. Also, since its inception only these four teams were participating. The Lionesses (name of England's team) were playing well and did hope to pick one point during the match to claim the title. With many strong attacks and defends by both the teams kept both of them away from scoring any goal until the 58th minute of the game. However, it was in the 58th minute that a 'own goal' was scored by England, which showed one goal in favor of the USA on the scoreboard. It was by Karen Bardsley's. The USA team’s possession of the football, most of the time, might have led to this situation, says sports experts. The United States of America is picking the trophy for the second time in the third year of the Cup after first claiming it in 2016. England being the runner's up, France followed with the third position, eventually giving the fourth position to Germany.

beyond the news

Sports not only develop team spirit and time-management as everybody has to play together for a fixed time and win. It, however, it also helps developing decision making powers, after all when the team is on the ground, several situations demand instant decisions. No single sport is meant for everyone. Since different people like different sports. Pick up one for yourself too if not done so.

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