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SPORTS The Future F1 Racing Car is here

The Future F1 Racing Car is here

05 02 2018 Monday
The News

Formula One car racing is all set to go green. With companies like Tesla already spending money heavily for making electric cars, F1 will also go through the same. The sister racing event of Formula One event i.e. Formula E is all set to enter its 5th season and fans can't stop drooling over the awesome looks of the newly designed FE cars, by Spark. The 5th season will be held at Switzerland .

behind the news

The fifth season of Formula E will be featuring newly designed cars, which have been built by a company named Spark. Though as of now, only digitally designed computer versions have been released, the physical design will arrive very soon in the month of March 2018. The digital version looks so good that fans have already started comparing it with "Bat Mobile," which is the car that DC's fictional superhero, Batman rides. It also has incorporated new safety features like 'Halo' that is there to protect the drivers from head injuries. Taking a cue from Spark, companies like Mercedes and Ford have also started research for making electronic formula racing cars. It is just a matter of time that more innovation in this field will follow.

beyond the news

With increasing global warming as well as greater consumption of fossil fuels, sustainability of our mother earth has seriously come under risk. For many years, there has been a call for Sustainable Sports. It seems that finally, the Sports Fraternity has started to work on it.

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