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SPORTS New Zealand overcomes English Challenge

New Zealand overcomes English Challenge

06 04 2018 Friday
The News

After 20 years, New Zealand has finally won a test series against England. The New Zealand cricket team somehow managed to draw the final test match. All thanks to the all-rounder Ish Sodhiis' half-century. This was the last match of the test series being played at Christchurch , Auckland. New Zealand won the series by a margin of 1-0.

behind the news

A test match is considered to be a draw when in the second innings, the batting team is unsuccessful to chase the runs and at the same time, bowling team could not get all the batsmen out. England dominated the game and looked like a winner. But it was Ish Sodhi who turned the fate of the game. England batted first and scored 307 and 352 runs in their first and second innings respectively. New Zealand scored 278 runs in its first inning; which left them with a target of 390 runs. With eight wickets down and the eleventh player injured, it was left to Sodhi and Wagner to just bat until the 5th day is over. And both did it miraculously. Batting for more than three hours on the last day of a test match and that too by a bowler, is very difficult. Ish Sodhi indeed had home advantage but the way he survived the last session was very interesting.

beyond the news

This year, New Zealand team is shining. They have continuously won two test match series. The first series win this year was against West Indies. With their flow of winning continuing, New Zealand captain Kane Williamson is wishing for more Test cricket this year. It seems that he is developing a hunger for winning.

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