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SPORTS Lewis Hamilton Wins Bahrain GP

Lewis Hamilton Wins Bahrain GP

The News

Star British formula1 racer Lewis Hamilton has registered yet another victory in the Bahrain grand Prix. He successfully maintained his lead against red Bulls Max Verstappen that saw him winning yet another race.

behind the news

Lewis Hamilton finished the race on the top for Mercedes and was followed by Max Verstappen from Red Bull on the second spot. The third position was secured by Valtteri Bottas who also represents team Mercedes. Max interestingly had a better race and was leading during the victory but he ran off the track and was overtaken by Lewis Hamilton. After this incident, Max was not able to get back on the race the drama ended with Hamilton finishing on top. Experts believe that people couldn’t have asked for a better start to this year's season with Red Bull and Mercedes both contending for the title.

beyond the news

This is an important addition in the overall point tally for Mercedes. Mercedes has been leading the race season after seasons and it seems others like Ferrari and Red Bull are far behind. Lewis Hamilton has emerged as one of the greatest racer of all time and if he is to be defeated, it will take something more than extraordinary.