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SPORTS LA Dodgers Create History

LA Dodgers Create History

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The quest for a Baseball Championship victory has finally ended for LA Dodgers after a period of 32 years. The team was able to defeat Tampa Bay Rays by 3-1 to secure a Championship Title.

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Baseball is a warm weather sport that is usually played in United States and Canada. The game involves a diamond shaped ground with four bases and two teams making efforts to score maximum number of points in a game. Corey Seager shone with his brilliant home runs in the tournament and was awarded as the most valuable player of the tournament. The final was a best of seven game which was won by Dodgers by 4-2 when they won the final game by 3-1. Dodgers drastically improve their game in the last five years in the made to more World Series final game appearances in last four years. However they were defeated by Astros in 2017 in Boston Red Sox in year 2018. The team underwent huge level of emotions and what elated after their victory. Despite Coronavirus scare, around 11,000 people were allowed in the ground who rejoiced the victory of Dodgers.

beyond the news

32 years is not a small time. In game be open seen tournaments where teams try their best but often missed by a whisker when it comes to the finishing line. The same story was happening with Dodgers, specially after the loss twice in the final games in last five years.