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SPORTS Everton Emerges Victorious in a Goal Fest

Everton Emerges Victorious in a Goal Fest

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Everton defeated Tottenham in a knockout match of FA Cup in a goal fest dominated in extra time. If experts are to be believed, this match will go down as one of the most iconic FA Cup matches in the history of football.

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Tottenham Hotspur had to pack its bags after Everton defeated it in a thrilling FA Cup match. The main highlight of the match was goals scored by Bernard in the dying moments of the game. However, in reality the match was full of up and down and was more of a seesaw game with match tilting towards either side all the time. On a total nine goals were scored wherein Everton scored five and Tottenham scored four. However there was a point when Everton was up by 31, Tottenham made a smart comeback with or goals scored in quick succession by Eric lamella hurricane also scored a beautiful goal in the 83rd minute to make the score equal however. It was Bernard who scored the winning goal in 97th minute of the game to knock taught him out of the tournament.

beyond the news

If you were present in the arena or were able to watch the match live, you guys have just witnessed one of the most entertaining matches in football. In fact football cannot get more entertaining then this. With this victory, Everton now looks favourite to win the FA Cup.