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SPORTS Eagles wins Super Bowl

Eagles wins Super Bowl

10 02 2018 Saturday
The News

After long 58 years, the Philadelphia Eagles had won the Super Bowl. They defeated the New England Patriots by a score of 41-33. They won their first Lombardi trophy on 4th Feb 2018 at the US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis , United States of America.

behind the news

The Super Bowl is the annual championship game of the National Football League (NFL). This year, it was a tough game to win for the Eagles. They said that their coach Doug Pederson's aggressive play calling was an important reason behind their victory. Pederson said that the feeling of winning was yet to sink in. Pederson has outdone Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. He's the first person to beat the 5-time world champions as a player and now as a coach. Another important role in the game was played by Nick Foles. His touchdown reception from Trey Burton gave the Eagles a 10-point lead by halftime. "I felt calm," Foles said at an after-game interview. "I mean, we have such a great group of guys, such a great coaching staff. We felt confident coming in and we just went out there and played football. We've played this game since we were little kids. We dreamed about this moment. There's plenty of kids watching this game right now, dreaming about this moment and someday will be here. To be here with my daughter, my wife, my family, my teammates, this city -- we're very blessed."

beyond the news

Fans of the Eagles are celebrating everywhere in Philadelphia and other parts of the world. Imagine how the players would be feeling after bringing home the trophy after 58 years. That is the thing about perseverance. No matter whether you win or lose, you have got to keep trying and doing your best. That way sooner or later you are going to succeed.

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