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SPORTS Close Win For Paul Casey

Close Win For Paul Casey

13 03 2018 Tuesday
The News

In a battle of whips and holes, that kept all the spectators at the edge of their seats throughout, all that mattered, in the end, was one shot. In the PGA tour match final held at Florida , United States of America star golfer of US Tiger Woods was defeated by England’s Paul Casey on 11th March 2018.

behind the news

This is the second PGA tour title for Paul. He won the title earlier in the year 2009. Woods, on the other hand, has won this tournament record fourteen times in his career and missed his fifteenth title by a whisker when he failed to score a birdie in the final shot of the match. Though the match was decided by one shot, Casey always kept the lead. He kept on scoring birdies in the initial round which made it difficult for his opponents to control. At the end of the match, Casey was all praise by Woods. He said that his victory is indeed special but nothing as compared to what Tiger has already achieved.

beyond the news

It’s always difficult to compete against a star player like Woods. You have to be on the top of your game and one slight error can result in your defeat. Casey played the game very intelligently and made sure that he had the lead. Though the win is indeed a significant one, it takes nothing back from Woods. He will definitely return with a bang.

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