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SPORTS Brazilian Horse Racer Can't Stop Winning

Brazilian Horse Racer Can't Stop Winning

12 02 2018 Monday
The News

What do sportspersons do after they turn 56? Retire or become a coach maybe. But Brazilian Jockey Jorge Ricardo has other things in his mind. On 5th Feb at Rio , Jorge won the 12,844th race of his life and equaled the record for winning the most number of races.

behind the news

Mr. Ricardo is a Jockey and was participating at Rio where he just had to win four out of seven races held there to break the world record of most number of victories. And he won three of the races and is all set to go to Argentina where he will try to break the world record. The current world record is in the name of Russel Baze who was a Canadian player. Mr. Ricardo has been playing the sport for last 41 years and has witnessed a whole era of the sports itself. He got very emotional after winning the third race and said that he had never expected that he can ever achieve this in his life. His contest with Mr.Raze has been the biggest feature in his life.

beyond the news

Forget about horse racing. This number looks like a world record for victory in any kind of sports. It's amazing to see how Mr.Ricardo motivate himself to keep participating and more importantly, winning. Horse racing is not an easy sport and requires a very strong spine which is very difficult to maintain for a 56-year-old man.

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